What is an Art Installation?

In Art Space Vincennes posts, we have mentioned that Amy DeLap and Andy Jendrzejewski have created a ‘collaborative art installation’ called the Christmas Pageant. What is an art installation?

An ‘art installation’ is a work of art that is usually temporary, constructed on site, and tends to be environmental in some way—that is they use space in a particular way that is expressive. Christmas Pageant is similar to a ‘christmas display’ and can be considered one. Because it is deemed to be an ‘art installation’ one can expect some cultural, artistic, or expressive statement that goes beyond simply decorating and the subject of Christmas. The word pageant is a clue. ‘Pageant’ in this case was taken to mean something of a pilgrimage, but one that recalls and celebrates the birth of Christ. A pilgrimage implies a journey. The question is, “Whose journey?” and “Where are they going?” and “Why?”. What happens during a journey? How can this two room display take someone beyond Christmas? I’m reminded of the Canterbury Tales, and I can imagine a modern back story to the Magi’s Journey.

No more spoilers here! Part of the joy of seeing a movie, a book, a play, a dance or many great works of art is to not know the ending, that it is unpredictable, even surprising. As long as Christmas Pageant is up, a visitor can expect a composition, that is somewhat unconventional, related to Christmas. What matters is the overall impact and also the details and how they are arranged that can make a significant difference. The materials or medium and craft can contribute to the statement. You’ll just have to come and see in order to experience it.

Attention to these simple guidelines may help you look for the content, even create the content and better understand the work. Ironically for this aggressively commercial time of year, there is nothing to buy related to the installation. It is just there to see and experience and think about, or if you prefer, ignore.

Art Space Vincennes is there for the community’s enjoyment. The gallery is accessible during regular hours for you to walk in and be left alone to enjoy. Several visitors expressed that their experience at Art Space Vincennes was therapeutic! Exhibits change over the course of one or two months, so that you can return to experience something new. Art Space Vincennes is a cross between a museum with temporary shows of a high quality not always available in the area and an art gallery business that holds work on consignment for sale.

Amy DeLap and Andy Jendrzejewski, artists, as well as the owners, also have paintings, sculptural reliefs and collages on display while Christmas Pageant is shown. That will change occasionally as well. Think about high quality Indiana contemporary art for a holiday gift or simply visit to enjoy the art!

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