Update on First Friday Art Walk

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There are some businesses on Main Street that are getting into a creative groove, and it seems to be growing! Returning from England where they visited family, Amy DeLap and Andy Jendrzejewski, Art Space Vincennes owners, have come to realize stores are eager to participate in the proposed First Friday Art Walk on Main.

Several have stepped up immediately with plans of their own, calling on friends to let them display paintings. Vanessa’s has a display of paintings by Sandy Burke in their store and the Humane Society also has a painting by Sandy Burke and one by Sherry Cummins.  Jewel Craft has works by Amy DeLap and Andrew Jendrzejewski, as well as work from the Art Space Collection by two ceramic artists, Barry Barnes and internationally known Brad Schwieger. Both have taught at Vincennes University. Vincennes Beauty College also has work from the ASV owners. All three of those establishments will be open until 8 on First Friday Art Walk on Main Night.

Three businesses were not advertised as intended and need to be mentioned here.  The Open Gallery will be open with a new exhibit of artifacts from the 1939-40 World’s Fair.  The fair made many predictions, some of which have actually come to pass. The show should be of great interest to the public.  Vanessa’s was erroneously omitted in the initial Art Walk ad in the Sun Commercial but has now taken a major role in the Art Walk event. Finally, Something Special called late this afternoon with an interest in participating with art in their window. The three galleries warmly welcome all businesses to participate as this idea grows into the fall.

First Friday Art Walks have been happening for some years by one, then  two, then three galleries on Main Street.  But they were gallery centric, and though 30 – 110 people attended, businesses were not open to benefit.  As proven by many cities large and small, many businesses can work with art establishments to increase traffic and  create a destination for visitors.

While many businesses, including the galleries, are focused on themselves, the idea is that art is a great common denominator to unite businesses to share in the same effort–“All for one and one for all!” as the motto of the three musketeers exclaimed! This month is seen as a trial run by Art Space Vincennes, in order to be ready for the gallery season which actually begins in September.  Participating during Side Walk Days also paid off in terms of advertising. The experience this month will help us to better plan next month’s First Friday Art Walk on Main.

The following is an up dated list of ten participants:

Art Space Vincennes LLC

Bauer Jewelers & Gemologists 

Jewel Craft Jewelers 

Knox County Humane Society 


Northwest Territory Art Guild

Open Gallery

Something Special


Vincennes Beauty College

That is ten businesses (that I know of) showing art on Main Street this Frida.  I hope visitors will make a special point of visiting each of these places as well as the galleries on Friday evening to help make this an ever more popular event.

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