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A hypothetical couple enters our gallery. They have older children, who have jobs away from home, some just beginning their careers, some starting families, or establishing new homes. As parents, they try to think of gifts for birthdays or Christmas or weddings. What do their kids need, or what might they really love that they haven’t yet thought of acquiring. Art rarely presents itself as belonging to either of these categories – useful or delightful – but think again!



Whether one thinks about the home or the work place, art creates an important first impression. The more original and authentic the art is, the more interesting the space becomes.   A work of art sets an immediate tone in a room, which reflects on its owner’s attitude, intelligence and success. Art is more than furniture, because it is usually more commanding and unique; it can be a great icebreaker in getting conversations started. Art instills confidence among friends and clients.



Canned art—by that I mean commercially made prints of art—provided by large corporate outlets contain about as much impact as bland elevator music at the grocery store. It is an inexpensive form of decoration, but rarely carries the weight of the original. Would this hypothetical couple want their children to use something fake on their walls for “something, something dollars and 95 cents”, or the real thing for just a little more (or even less!) to represent them?


I checked several online stores and the “something, something dollars and 95 cents” print was almost as expensive as the work by accomplished contemporary artists that the couple could find at Art Space Vincennes. An offset print from a corporate outlet turns out to be almost the same price as an original. Yet the quality of the original is less generic, more powerful and authentic. Why be the same as everybody else?



Perhaps the visiting parents are reluctant to make decisions for their children that involve the issue of personal taste. That is understandable. We have seen parents solve that problem by bringing their visiting children to the gallery to pick and choose. Another parent took pictures of the work he thought would be of interest, sent them to his children with his phone, and bought the works each one wanted on the spot. Another possibility is commissioning work to be designed for a specific space. These are all ways of gifting children with unique item(s), sure to be appreciated for their homes or businesses. Their children can then through these objects say, “Hey! We are special, and we can help you!”


Art Space Vincennes—in fact, all three galleries in town—are special and can help you choose and acquire the right original art for your needs.

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