Art Space Vincennes Gallery

G with lightsm

“A gallery?” you say.

Well, yes!

Three rooms, a hallway, and a consignment room,

Empty rooms,

Save for some carefully placed, curious objects,

With an arresting presence,

That can remind you (and me) to notice:

A different way to gauge (our) world,

An affirmation of our times,

Another new history of joys, pains—and us,

Our life, inner, outer,

An instrument for observation:

A telescope with which to envision the unknowable;

A microscope through which we see, not a brain,

But a mind, a heart, a soul;

A mirror, through which we see ourselves;

Or not an instrument at all,

Just a tonic, another form of chicken soup,

To heal spirits, to rest.


“Chicken soup?”  you say.

Well, in the form of

A meandering line’s path,

Spaces, colors, forms, materials,

A coded creation, telegraphing messages

For which there are no words,

Answering our need for a stronger,

not just worldly, but universal, connection.

Yes a gallery, for y(our) pleasure.

We’ll have events surrounding the exhibitions.

Performances, receptions,


Not that you have to buy anything,

Of course you may acquire,

Through both purchase or rent

Prices will vary from show to show.

From three to five figures,

And these figures neither sit, stand, nor recline!



Consultation, Conservation and Restoration

C scuzzysm

Old to new again?

Well, yes, that old thing on your wall,

On a shelf, in your garden–

You think it’s worthless

Just because the dingy canvas is browned with smoke;

The sculpture is chipped or otherwise damaged

From time or neglect, the dirty attic,

The musty basement, weather.

But aunt so and so created it!

She is gone now;

But this old object remains.


For crying out loud!

Don’t toss it yet!

Let us have a look.

We have powers to revive.

The art! (No, not your aunt!)

It might have some value.

We might uncover things

You have never seen

Or forgotten about.


If you know the object has value,

You need a specialist.

Consult us before you spend too much money,

Or not enough!

Let us help you find the right person,

If we are not up to the task.


We research and test everything we do.

We have restored numerous things for collectors,

All amazed and satisfied,

The most notable is

The altar relief of the Last Supper at the Old Cathedral.

Peeling paint, broken arms, missing limbs,

Holes through the back,

(Almost dumped) it’s now restored

As a poetic object of spiritual inspiration.


We’ll give an hour for free to advise or estimate;

Then we’ll research the problem,

isolate the object from further harm

and revive it to a glorious new life for a fee,

But only if you so choose.

Cost will depend on time, materials and type of work necessary,

For painting, drawings, prints or statuary.






One for Amy; one for Andy.

A special place to work and play,

To experiment with things to say,

Or show.

To visually portray a person, feeling or question.

Through color, form, materials, space,

A visual philosophy, an investigation of the perceptual,

We start with the assumption that we know nothing.

(Some people think they do know everything…)

A studio sets the conditions for us to just learn,

To see, perceive, receive;

To work with materials, media, and visual things,

Starting, perhaps, with a vague sense of what we want,

But finding often something stronger, more honest, more elegant,

Richer, truer, bigger than us,

If we are open to let it happen.


And if we are not open, there is a lesson in that,

About self, about the conducting of the mind, about knowing too much,

Instead of practicing selflessness. compassion, empathy, passivity–

A kind of faith,

A kind of Tai Chi:







We invite Commissions of a certain kind,

The kind that respects our process,

The kind that seeks our finger prints,

Our hand writing, our mark making.

Offer us a general plan, idea, subject,

Buy into our faith.


We will propose an idea with sketches, maquettes,

Ideas to which you may provide input.

After that it is our vision;

That is what you buy.



Contact us now and find out what we can do for you. See our Services or call 812-887-6145