September FF Art Walk

John DeCoursey and Tony Boulliett_DSC0047

John DeCoursey and Tony Bouillet “rev up” for an autumn First Friday Art Walk last year. Both are members of the Northwest Terrritory Art Guild. They are revving up again for THIS Friday’s Art Walk! (Photo by Emily Edwards)

Your downtown Vincennes Art Galleries will be offering new art experiences for friends of the arts, Friday, September 4 between 5 – 8 p.m.

Art Space Vincennes 521 Main will introduce the sculpture of Chicago-based artist Alicia Forestall-Boehm. Forestall-Boehm works with fabric and encaustic (pigmented beeswax). She describes her pieces as “abstract representations of urban history that often explore the physical and mental boundaries of the public and private spaces we inhabit”. Barbara Edwards will again treat visitors to her gourmet refreshments, made from locally sourced organic ingredients when available.

The Northwest Territory Art Guild 316 Main will open their annual Members Show, an exhibition of art works in a variety of styles and media done by Guild members. The juror for awards this year will be Deborah and Bernard Hagedorn, both professors of art at Vincennes University. Home-made refreshments will be provided by Guild members.

At the Open Gallery 329 Main, photographer, VU Professor Emeritus and Vietnam veteran Rick Holen will be displaying a collection of his Vietnam photographs, some taken as far back as 1969 and some taken more recently when he and his wife Anne revisited the country several years ago. These photographs are a remarkable record of a country in the midst of a devastating war that forever changed its citizens’ lives, their future and the future of not just one nation, but several.  The photographs record the fascination and horror of a young recruit from Minnesota who clearly found himself in a land both beautiful and terrible.  The Open Gallery musicians will provide music and, as a special treat, World Cuisine restaurant will again partner with the Open Gallery and serve authentic Vietnamese foods.

Art in the windows of many downtown stores will again turn Main Street into a street-long art experience. Don’t miss another opportunity for an art-filled First Friday Art Walk, brought to you by the efforts of your local art galleries. And remember, as always, it’s free!

For more information, contact:  Andrew Jendrzejewski, Art Space Vincennes, LLC, 521 Main Street, Vincennes, IN 47591

812-887-6145 or

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