Quiet Thoughts in LA Artcle


Trang T. Lê, 111978, Panel 2 of 7, Oil on canvas, 48 X 96 inches with Journals of names and pictures of soldiers and civilians who died in the Iraq War. (Courtesy Trang T. Lê and Art Space Vincennes)

Trang T. Lê and Art Space Vincennes need your help!

A Los Angeles Art Journal called ARTBOUND mentions our exhibition Quiet Thoughts, Paintings by Trang T. Lê shown at Art Space Vincennes (521 Main Street).  The article “Trang T. Lê’s Unraveling Emotional Threads” is written by Meyer McArthur, an Asian Art Specialist. While the article is about Lê’s works in exhibition called Threads at the Ruth Bachofner Gallery at the Burgamot Station in Santa Monica, the article also mentions Quiet Thoughts here in Vincennes and shows and writes about the painting 111978, a painting symbolizing each civilian and soldier killed in the Iraq War with a painted circle.  The second panel of  seven which make up the 56 foot long work is shown at Art Space Vincennes. One visitor stated that this painting is one of the most beautiful and meaningful statements about war he has ever scene in art.

Here is the link to the article:  http://www.kcet.org/arts/artbound/counties/los-angeles/trang-t-le-ruth-bachofner-gallery.html

Looking at the illustrations in the article, one can see clear relationships between the work Art Space Vincennes has on display and Lê’s Threads at the Ruth Bachofner Gallery. It is a wonderful opportunity to deepen one’s insight into a great artist’s work.


This is how you can help both Trang and Art Space Vincennes!

Please click on the link (or copy and paste it into your browser) and read the article, then vote, share it and email the link to others.  If enough votes are collected soon, KCET, a Southern California Television station will make a video documentary about Lê’s work.  There is a chance that Art Space Vincennes will be mentioned in that documentary as well.  After you do that, return to Art Space Vincennes for another look at the show and Quiet Thoughts.  Enjoy and Thanks!

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