Late Winter Reflections

Feb 7-Mar 15, 2014 / Early works by Amy DeLap and Andrew Jendrzejewski

Seldom do artists show their early work.  After two years many exhibitors view earlier work as “expired”, unless they are presenting a major retrospective of their entire career. Presumably artists improve and move beyond the work of earlier periods.

For several reasons, DeLap and Jendrzejewski decided to offer an exhibition of some of their earlier pieces to the public.  Both have worked for the past year and a half on renovations of the Cyrus Allan Building, creating the gallery, setting up their individual studios and organizing their business as gallery owners.  Neither had th time to make art during this long process, but both revisited much of their early work as they created suitable storage for it.

On entering back into a period of art making, a dubious and challenging, if not terrifying process, they decided to hang their own work to stir their imaginations and help ground themselves as they began to work. This enabled both to view their work free of the clutter of daily life. It offered the public a rare chance to see the progress of the two artists, who lived and worked together, shared ideas and distinguished themselves from each other. They included explanatory notes throughout the show to inform the viewer about the images shown.

Hallway From the Front Entrance

1.winter refl_Hal_fr_frontsm

Gallery 1

2. winter refl_Gal 1asm

3.winter refl_Gal1bsm

4. winter refl_Gal1csm

Gallery 2


5. winter refl_Gal 4asm

6. winter refl_Gal4bsm

7.winter refl_Gal 4csm


Hallway from Rear Door

8. winter refl_dHall from Rearsm

Gallery 3

9.winter refl_Gal 3esm

10.winter refl_Gal3asm

11.winter refl_Gal3csm

12.winter refl_Gallery 3bsm

13.winter refl_Gallery 3dsm



14.winter refl_Office 1asm

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