Christmas Pageant

Creche 2013 / November 29, 2013 – January 17, 2014

An installation created by Amy DeLap and Andrew Jendrzejewski

Using Christmas gifts from their two daughters, an annual tradition since the girls were little, Amy DeLap and Andrew Jendrzejewski created a creche scene intended to also be an art installation. The gifts began with the girls adding to a traditional manger set-up when they were little, but the gifts were intended to be nontraditional additions to the display at home.    Over the years the collection of figures consisted of little figures ranging from found discarded objects to purchased items, from silly little plastic creatures to finely crafted items made from all sorts of materials. Some were Americana kitsch; some were exotic artifacts from South America, Japan, Poland, England, and an island near Africa. Some were human figures of various sorts; others were monsters, robots and many species of the animal world. They came to represent in the collective mind of our family a spirit of inclusiveness, tolerance, and celebration in the form of fun and gift giving. They were  also an interesting study of our culture and th culture of others of of others. How appropriate for the holidays! 

Below are a few stills of the entire two room installation and a couple details.  To get the true idea of our intent, you will enjoy the video by clicking on the video player at the end.

Gallery 1

Gallery 1 Assemblingsm


Santa shelf


Gallery 2

Squirrel Close sm

Gallery 2 The Mangersm




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