List of Past Exhibitions

See what shows Art Space Vincennes has had in the past:


June 2 – August 19, 2017, Land We Share: Installation by Margaret Whiting was an ecological exhibit that used discarded law books, anatomical illustrations, and geological topography maps in creative ways.  Collages and sculptural objects demonstrate that we share the land as the human family. What we do to “our” land affects everybody and all creatures, and that caring for the land is also taking care of our bodies. Anatomical views of our cardio and nervous systems look like the river systems of our continent. The 19th-century law books show that the laws made then can no longer wisely apply since the rise of the manufacturing, mining, transportation, agricultural and chemical industries and the exploding population growth of our species.


March 3 – May 12, 2017, by 2LEAFS, Paintings Bill and Gwaylon Leaf, father and son share their paintings, both influenced by American Abstract Expressionism and the traditions of Bill’s early childhood home, a small village in China. Layered spaces and calligraphic mark-making reveal their heritage, but the simple forms, reflective gold leaf tinged with transparent colored glazes, and primary color schemes of Bill’s works and the hot-rod enamels that appear dimensional and create shifting colors of Gwaylon’s work show influences of mid-20th-century American art.



November 4, 2016 – February 4, 2017  Tetramurmer, An Immersive Environment an imaginative contemplation of time in tandem with the natural and built environment of Vincennes. All three ASV exhibition rooms will be transformed into futuristic landscapes inspired by shapes, patterns, and forms found in local native flora and fauna as well as architectural detail on Main Street. Accompanied by dreamlike texts and sound, the galleries become immersive sanctuaries for meditating on the ever-shifting relationships between nature and humans. This project is created especially for Art Space Vincennes by installation artists Liz Miller and David Hamlow in collaboration with performance artists Rachel Jendrzejewski and Theo Goodell.



September 2- October 15, 2016 Zoomorphs: Bronze Experiments by UK sculptor Cat Vitebsky, her active, gestural bronzes, cast from wax, feathers, and grasses, blur the lines between human and animal forms. Inspiration came from sources in Modernist work, Greek Mythology and her experiences traveling with her anthropologist father to the remote regions of Siberia to study the migrating Eveny Reindeer People. Heavily clad in Reindeer skins, riding reindeer, in snowy blizzards on mountain passes, human and animal seemed one. Like the wings of Daedalus and Icarus, who flew through the air, the Eveny believe that Reindeer, too fly to the son to purify human souls for the nether world.


2.Soldier Petting Kitten copy 2

July 1 – August 13, 2016: Wartime Observations: WWII Drawings of Henry F. Hellert, Hellert, an amateur artist, documented his European “tour of duty” with the 193rd Infantry Division of the US Army. His drawings start with training at Camp Atterbury, then Wales, before crossing the English Channel to Normandy. He served as a scout fighting battle after battle in Northern France, Luxembourg, Bavaria, Belgium, Holland and across Northern Germany almost to Berlin, where the unit stopped at a bridgehead at the Oder River to let the Russians take Berlin. Despite losses in many battles, Hellert continued to draw, using whatever paper he could carry or find, from posters to maps, wrapping paper, and sketchbooks. Also in the show are works he did long after the war in the fifties and sixties, which call up interesting issues of remembrance of the war, and how his style was revised and transformed from the observational to a form derived from the comics.



Pulley Installation

May 6 – June 11, 2016: Time’s Signature: The Sculpture of Robert Pulley, since boyhood, Pulley has been fascinated with the largeness of the earth we stand on, its geological life and its place in the cosmos. These inspirations manifest in his ceramic sculpture and stone and bronze pieces. The ceramic pieces are large, earthy and suited for the garden or a large interior. The stone and bronzes pieces are smaller scale and would work nicely in contemporary interior spaces.



TPham Installation

March 5 – April 9, 2016: Rupture Wonder: The Painting of Trung Pham, Pham’s art is rooted in deeply felt and considered philosophical explorations of notions of pain and how it can lead one toward wonder and enlightenment. His ideas are developed from his education as a Jesuit priest and his studies in philosophy and chemical engineering.



Sandra Bowden's Resurrection Book

November 6 – December 12, 2015: Word as Image: The Art of Sandra Bowden, Bowden lives and works near Boston as a printmaker primarily, though at times her works become sculptural book forms. They are inspired by the Roman Catholic faith with particular emphasis on the sacredness of Word and holy script.



Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 9.20.01 PM

September 4 – October 17, 2015:  Surfaces: Alicia Forestall Boehm, this Chicago artist creates sculpture with encaustic and cheesecloth. The works are inspired by the city landscape and architecture. Some are large, made of similar units that can cover walls or hang from the ceiling. They are tactile, colorful and evocative.



Luisa Cohrs at ASV web

July 3, 2015 – August 15, 2015: The Magic Realism of Luisa Cohrs, Colombian-born and now living in California, Cohrs contemplates memories and stories passed down from her mother, who survived the Colombian Civil War (1948 – 1958). Her art employs a type of realism, in this case, apparently, paint soaked cloth (hankies and doilies), pressed against the canvas to create an impression of the real object, but also employing the resulting abstract patterns to evoke magical recollections of the past. The images are personal, powerful and surreal. The hankies become poetically symbolic figures of the past.




May 1 – June 20, 2015:  Disturbances In the Field: Art by Sara Risley,  this Milwaukee artist, primarily a photographer, creates brilliant abstract images from landscapes, then develops the images using Photoshop to take them beyond recognition while hyping up the color to full intensity.



21. Bostic, Lamentations:Two Marys at Jesus Death

April 3 – April 25, 2015: Cardboard Chronicles: Biblical Art of Rudolph Bostic,  this untrained artist from Georgia, moved by his religious visions of the old and new testaments of the Bible, creates interpretations of Biblical scenes as he imagines them using only house paint and cardboard. He is celebrated as an outstanding folk artist and his works have been acquired by several important collectors and shown in folk art museums in Savannah, Florida and New York.



Love Thy Nature Web

March 6 – March 28, 2015:  Love Thy Nature: Design for Good Causes by Pravin Sevak, born in India and educated at India’s famous National Institute of Design, Sevak and his spouse Arvind moved to the United States years ago. He draws from his passions for peace and goodness, which guide the visual research and simplicity in graphics that have won many international awards in design.



Abandoned Swimming Pool-Rose Island Amusement Park-Charlestown-Indiana-sm

N0vember 7, 2014- January 17, 2015:  Other Places, Other Spaces: Photographs by John Puffer,  these new and reworked photographs (to meet new technological standards) offered an opportunity for introspection and reflection, always with beautifully developed form, space, and color in the compositions. In this show, he focused on landscapes and architecture from his travels around the world to probe for remnants from the past.



Pair of Bags3x3

September  5 – October 18, 2014:  Defying Ordinary: Painting By Jaye Schlesinger,  Jaye Schlesinger’s paintings of ordinary, often quite mundane, objects speak to us in a special way through the artist’s deliberate and perceptive powers of observation and meticulous handling of paint. They become magical and humorous; they transcend the object’s everyday associations.



Horizons, Nechs

June 6 – August 8, 2014:  Horizons and Nechs: Glass Sculpture by Seth Fairweather, Fairweather’s Ascetic Series, the theme of which was solitude and reflection in search of genuine meaning in our lives.



smAsh-Wednesday, 2014,40inx40in,oil on canvas cc

April 4- May 17, 2014:  Sacred Spaces, Paintings by Nancy Newman Rice,  three series of works deriving from TS Eliot’s poem, Ash Wednesday, encountering memories and taking stock of one’s own life journey through visual metaphor.



February 4 – March 15, 2014:  Late Winter Reflections, Early Works by Amy DeLap and Andrew Jendrzejewski,  a review of various periods of art making by the two artists throughout the last several decades.





November 29, 2013 – January 17, 2014: Christmas Pageant, An Installation By Amy DeLap and Andrew Jendrzejewski , a touching interpretation of the Christmas story through the collection, selection and placement of objects.


Trang Le, Your Morning Day 5

October 4 – November 9, 2013:  Quiet Thoughts, Painting by Trang T. Lè, a powerful series of paintings inspired by quiet, meditative observation, memory, and a hard look at war.


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