Our Studios


It has been a while since I wrote about the development of our studios. Well, Amy’s studio is complete; mine is finally nearing completion. Neither of us waited to make art just in order to complete the studio. A studio must be designed from the process of making, especially my studio, because I work with all kinds of media. If I set up only to make sculpture, I would probably find myself painting, instead! Last year I wrote the following verse about the studio, that may give you insight into our working process. A studio is a very personal place for each of us:

One for Amy; one for Andy.

A special place to work and play,

To experiment with things to say,

Or show.

To visually portray a person, feeling or question.

Through color, form, materials, space,

A visual philosophy, an investigation of the perceptual,

We start with the assumption that we know nothing.

(Some people think they do know everything…)

A studio sets the conditions for us to just learn,

To see, perceive, receive;

To work with materials, media, and visual things,

Starting, perhaps, with a vague sense of what we want,

But finding often something stronger, more honest, more elegant,

Richer, truer, bigger than us,

If we are open to let it happen.

And if we are not open, there is a lesson in that,

About self, about the conducting of the mind, about knowing too much,

Instead of practicing selflessness. compassion, empathy, passivity–

A kind of faith,

A kind of Tai Chi:






We invite Commissions of a certain kind,

The kind that respects our process,

The kind that seeks our finger prints,

Our hand writing, our mark making.

Offer us a general plan, idea, subject,

Buy into our faith.

We will propose an idea with sketches, maquettes,

Ideas to which you may provide input.

After that it is our vision;

That is what you buy.

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