Opening Our Arms

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Art Space Vincennes, with the approval of the Historic Review Board, has redesigned the approach to the Art Space Vincennes building and hired Perk-a-Lawn to complete the work. Formerly, the approach was a narrow sidewalk with bushes on either side, which created a sense of privacy about the house. People were not visually encouraged to walk up that path to enter and see the art! The new design opens up the entrance space like arms spread to welcome the visitor.

Some may have felt that the gallery has the foreboding air of a museum with museum quality pieces. We would rather encourage people to consider it a peaceful place to come for twenty minutes to “chill”, or take a lunch and spend some quiet time looking at beautiful art over the lunch hour. We are open at noon (Tuesdays thru Fridays 12-5, Saturday 11-2) for that reason. The art is always outstanding and offers plenty of intellectual, emotional, and visual stimuli.

Because Art Space is actually a gallery, not a museum, the art is for sale, but that’s not the only reason we offer this resource.  The art that we show is carefully selected primarily from national and international artists. It is said that visiting a foreign country helps you see your own home better. We have experienced that with our travels. Seeing art from other places can have a similar effect.  Art Space offers  a rich viewing opportunity each month for any visitor who loves art or who wants to learn from it.  Even local artists, ourselves included, can discover new ways of seeing their own art by studying the work of other artists. So we open our arms to all for this experience.

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…Art Space Vincennes With “Open Arms”


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