Mural Update-Blue Wabash

Blue Wabash Progress Wk1b

Andrew Jendrzejewski & Amy DeLap, Blue Wabash, Second layer almost half complete on Halloween Eve.


On the heels of finishing the Forest Floor 3 Mural at the front entrance of Clark’s Crossing (which can be seen through the locked front entrance doors on 6th Street), Andrew Jendrzejewski with Amy DeLap helping, has begun a second mural entitled Blue Wabash. The much larger work will take at least several weeks to paint, hopefully to be completed by Thanksgiving.

Detail of Blue Wabash

Blue Wabash Detail of second layer

The image was derived from a slightly altered photograph of the Wabash River, from the SW edges of the Clark Memorial compound in April or May. The image was chosen by the artist for the beautiful reflections of the blue sky reflecting off the surface of the water near the shore of the river. Old timers wrote about the “blue Wabash” from which the Wabash Pearl could still be harvested from the clams found in the area. The painting reminds us that the Wabash used to be blue and gently asks what are we doing to our land and our history, and what natural and cultural resources are we leaving to our children? At the same time the painting enables us to enjoy the timeless peace and beauty of the river itself. In other words, the work can be appreciated on many levels: Artistically, culturally, historically, and morally.

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