mack attack

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We just completed two very hard and long days finishing up the drywall project in my studio.  We checked the screws to make sure they were below the surface of the drywall, laid the fiber glass tape over the seams, rasped edges that didn’t match, mudded up the corners, sanded them down and mudded them up again.  We are about three-fourths finished.  Monday we will do a final touch up sanding, move equipment to the other side of the room and do the last quarter and the closet with the electric circuit panel that suffered from our rewiring.  We’re closing in on the one project that will enable the entire ArtSpaceVincennes gallery to  open a preliminary show of our work sometime in June as a trial run, then a “premiere” show in September.



0330131131bAmy in Spray Booth



Waking up today, however, I asked Amy, “Was it a Ford or a Mack that hit me?”.

She replied, “No.  It was two Mack trucks that hit you.”  Then she added, “I was in the same accident, only I got hit by a Pinto.”


This was her way of saying with an unnecessary apologetic tinge that I did so much of the work, because I worked so much faster than she did.  Well, I am grateful for her help and the equal number of hours that she put into the job. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what hit you, a Mack Truck or a Pinto, it still hurts.

It’s amazing, though to see the results already, especially after a cup of coffee the next morning, in early spring and on Easter Sunday, when there is that sign of hope and Hope.

0330131550ashop so far


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