Looking at Nature, Prints by Jim Pearson

Looking at Nature

Prints by Jim Pearson


Jim Pearson bases his work on careful observation of nature, but in a wholly contemporary way. He uses visual bits of nature, drawn or photographed, cutting, tearing, recombining them into highly nuanced virtual landscapes, figures, and spaces.  Pearson has shown his work in numerous galleries and museums around the country since retiring from teaching.


ASV is pleased to also offer an introductory exhibit of digital photomontage prints by former Vincennes University Art Professor Jim Pearson, beginning with the November 3 First Friday Art Walk and extending through December 1.

Pearson practiced traditional printmaking and drawing for many decades while teaching those subjects in the VU Art Department.  Since retiring in 2007, he has used his forever-critical eye to create digital photomontage print images inspired by nature, imaginatively transformed.  His method of composing his images is intuitive, as was the case with his earlier works in charcoal, collage, and black printing ink.

We will show prints from two separate series: Harbor Chant and Landscape, Memory, and Bone.   They sample literally hundreds of works that he has created over the last decade.  In them, there are glimpses of possibly recognizable subject matter – a leaf, a bone, reflections on water.  There are repeated motifs.  But the massively complex aggregations of forms defy simple interpretation.   One needs to spend time with them, looking and thinking, allowing the mind to wander through the labyrinths of shapes and textures.  The titles are inscrutable, offering no reference points.  This is unexplored territory; be prepared for adventure.

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