Late Winter Reflections

Christmas Pageant Card Front

Amy and I are finally about to begin working on our own art work again.  Neither of us know exactly what we will do.  Both of us tend to approach art with an attitude of discovery.  While we anticipate working in our studios and creating new pieces, it still is a time of looking back, as well as forward.  As the weather became cold, and we took down the Creche installation,  we looked again at the strange collection of objects, the gifts we accumulated from our two children, each one with its story from the past.

In 2012, we moved our work out of storage to Art Space Vincennes, partially to save rent, but also to become reacquainted with old discoveries we had made, sometimes with quite beautiful results.  We also have dug deeper into our cabinets finding art we had forgotten we made, some of which we never showed to our friends in Vincennes or even exhibited elsewhere.  Some of it has been shown many years ago. All these recollections have stimulated our imaginations and may become fodder for the new work to come.

In the coming couple weeks we will be bringing some of these past works to the surface in the form of an exhibition, Late Winter Reflections. This will be a way for us to contemplate where we have been and where we are heading. Perhaps this process will point to solutions we had not seen before.  We have a more mature perspective now, so what will happen next?

We won’t know “What will happen next?” really until we actually get to work.  However, the experience of putting this show together is a way of preparing our minds, getting us in the mode, setting up the conditions, in our hearts and souls to again become aware, very aware, of our visual reality, so we can perhaps visually invoke or evoke some new realities.

The exhibition offers the viewer a rare look into the overall development of our artistic careers. Though one might see a mish-mash of the selected piece in the show, we hope the visitor will also see some common threads throughout that connect the pieces with our ‘finger prints’, our ‘mark’, or our ‘handwriting’ that would give authenticity to our spirit or to our creative selves.

Please join us February 7, 5-8 pm to celebrate the opening of this show, which will be up until March 16th.


  1. Ingrid - 2014/01/26 6:34 pm

    Best wishes for the opening – I wish I could be there!

    What a beautiful and exciting way to reflect on the past and build momentum for your future work! I can’t wait to see where you go from here….

    • Andrew Jendrzejewski - 2014/01/26 8:43 pm

      Oh! I am glad that you subscribed so you can keep track of us! Thank you for those kind words.

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