Last Day for ‘Quiet Thoughts’

Detail of Spring

Detail of the painting Spring by Trang T. Le donated by the artist in support of Art Space Vincennes, 521 Main Street, Vincennes, IN.   Auction ends Monday,  November 11th at 6:00 pm,.


Today and tomorrow are the last two days of the exhibition Quiet Thoughts, Painting by Trang T. Lê.  Since a grand opening reception on October 4th, many people have returned to the exhibition to take a second and third look, to contemplate the powerful message of Lê’s work and to enjoy the beauty and scale of her paintings.  We at Art Space Vincennes were pleasantly surprised at the positive response to her work.  To get a last  peek at the show you can still return today, Friday (noon to 6 p.m.) or tomorrow, Saturday (10 – 2 pm). The Gallery will continue to stay open with an expanded collection of works by the owners T-F Noon – 6 pm and Sat 10 – 2. Other times by appointment. Call 812-887-6145.

The auction for the painting Spring continues until Monday, November 11, at 6 pm. I will stand by with my Mail program on and my website ready to update the date and time stamped email bid of the participants. The last and highest bid before 6 p.m. will be the winner.  The last bid is only $800 that typically sells for $6000 dollars.   If you want the painting bad enough, you will all have to do better than that.  Remember, that you are not only getting an excellent deal, you are supporting Art Space Vincennes, the point of this opportunity.

I will be reluctantly taking down Quiet Thoughts this weekend and will pack it for shipment.  I thank Trang T. Lê for her generosity for donating Spring and allowing us to show her work. It was more than art that connected us. It was also our roles during the Vietnam war, our experiences and degrees of post-traumatic stress, how we dealt with that stress through art and our affirmation that, in Lê’s words, “Every life is important; every life has meaning.”

In this context, Art Space Vincennes’ next show will take a more concrete look at the concept, “Every life is important; every life has meaning.”  Called Christmas Pageant, it will consist of a collaborative installation of an imaginative journey, following the star of Bethlehem, to see the Christ child created by owners Andrew Jendrzejewski and Amy DeLap.  It’s a Christmas treat for all ages, with an emphasis on a quirky, but artful, Christmas surprise, with messages of love, gift giving, jolly quirkiness, diversity and inclusiveness, a welcome break from politics and commercialism.   More on this later!

Meanwhile, Art Space Vincennes will continue being open for an expanded choice of works by Amy DeLap and Andrew Jendrzejewski, owner’s of Art Space Vincennes. Andy will display bronze, clay and wood reliefs and Amy will show some of her photorealistic oil paintings and her small grid collages.



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