journey’s journal

Many people ask us about how the art studio and gallery are coming along. What are we doing? Will we be renting space to other artists? Are we open for business? Are we making art yet? Others wonder who we are?

So, who are we? We are Andy Jendrzejewski and Amy DeLap. We are both retired from teaching art. We both loved teaching, but it was time for us to do something else.


Amy DeLap is a painter and collage artist. She is known in the tri-state for her portrait paintings. Some of them are monumental in scale. She uses traditional oil painting techniques.  The imagery, based on photo sources, also appears traditional. However, she looks for an unconventional edge, trying to capture an oddness, if not mystery, in what initially seems normal. The subject matter and style are vehicles for Amy’s actual interest, to explore truth in the medium that is the opacity, transparency, buttery richness and luster of colored pigment ground into oil and laid toothy canvas stretched taut like a drum.

Since the mid-1970s, Amy has also created jewel-like grid-based collages on wood and paper supports. These are small, intimate and rich in color and texture, often with delicate detail. To viewers, they might suggest influence from Amy’s brief interest in weaving. Less obviously, they also call upon her early years of creating assemblage sculptures that were sensual, haunting and evocative. The collages are more than pattern. They consist of ordered gestures, movements, spaces, marks, and textural and colorful contrasts that form the lyrics of a visual poetry.

Andy Jendrzejewski is a sculptor, whose work ranges over many media. Over the years he has welded and cast metals, created clay figurative sculpture, constructed found object assemblages and created temporary monumental environmental pieces in public places. He has worked with figurative, abstract and non-objective imagery.

Unlike many sculptors, Andy is a generalist in that he not only works with many sculptural media types and styles, but also with photography, painting, drawing and collage. When viewing his work, one sees ways in which he expressively uses gestural energy, a quality that ties most of his work together. Many people are familiar with his recent wood reliefs of landscapes, carved from wood and painted with oil paint.  You can preview and purchase the book entitled Beyond Landscape that catalogues these work here in either paperback or iBook form. Paperback copies will be available for sale at ArtSpaceVincennes.


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