Ice Driving Us To 2nd Saturday


Considering the conditions here in Southern Indiana, let’s just wait for next Saturday night to have a nice reception at about 40 degrees. So here is the schedule for next week:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 12-8
Friday 12-4 (We have to close early that day)
Saturday 12 – 8 (Reception beginning at 5)

Take an example from this cat (who has joined the Christmas Pageant) voluntarily, because it is such a special project! Kitty is a very careful driver. You can tell by how attentive he looks. Even he agrees that tonight will be way too cold, too snowy and not enough parking space. The ice is more slippery than holding a humongous rainbow trout along the Shoshoni River near Cody, Wyoming. The white wine is chilled, the red wine is ready, the snow will be cleared and we can feel a lot better about having a great time at Art Space Vincennes next Saturday than fighting the chill and ice tonight! Are you with us on that?

We plan to still be open between 2 and 8 today, just in case some of you do not see this. Some of you are “extreme art lovers” and would swim the Wabash tonight to get here! You can stop in, warm up, dry off, look at the art and have a nice dinner at the Moonlight Cafe across the street!

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