Horizons, Neches – Glass Sculpture by Seth Fairweather

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Vincennes is fortunate to have on display over 20 sculptures by Seth Fairweather at Art Space Vincennes LLC.   The show, Horizons, Nechs: Glass Sculpture by Seth Fairweather, opens on the First Friday of June (this coming Friday the 6th) and continues throughout the summer until August 17, 2014.  Friday is also the evening of the First Friday Gallery Walk on Main Street, very near the Red Skelton doings.  It will be well worth the stroll to 521 Main to catch this opening.   Visitors will be pleased to discover that the artist has priced the work to sell in Vincennes. This creates an opportunity for Indiana and Illinois collectors!  Mr. Fairweather will be at the opening. There will be champagne!

Fairweather is Artist in Residence and Lecturer at the University of Miami. He works with lots of fire and hot glass. He uses many experimental techniques in casting and in blowing glass forms and often combines them with other materials to create sculptural statements.

Fairweather began his work with with glass at Tulane University in New Orleans, earned a BFA at Alfred University in New York and an MFA in glass at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. He has presented many workshops about glass, worked in numerous jobs that touched on virtually every phase of working with glass and has shown his work extensively.

Conceptually, Fairweather is interested in solitude and the notion that his work might remind us of, if not draw us into, moments of solitude. His premise is that through solitude we rediscover who we are and what we think without relying on the claims, reactions and perceptions of others.  Too often our self-images are garnered from one-line comments on Facebook and text messaging, our world view built on corporate soundbites in the news and our values developed from ads that tell us what we need, want and feel. Fairweather’s work offers a mental space for quiet introspection and grounding, a welcome balance to and respite from our hyper-stimulating 21st century environment.

A book about the art and the artist is also available at the gallery for  $28.00.

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