Hometown Artist Barbara Stahl

Mural work in Indianapolis


Barbara (Burnett) Stahl on a boom lift working on the Pacer Schedule on Banker’s Field House, Indianapolis, IN. (Still from Indianapolis Star Video) 

About 12 years ago, Barbara Stahl imagined herself painting the Pacers’ schedule in the form of a large mural on the north wall of the five story Bankers Life Fieldhouse.  She persistently cold-called the team management requesting the opportunity. When they agreed and said, “Yes!”  Stahl had to do some quick thinking.  She had to learn how to use a boom lift.  She went to a boom lift company, took the training course and earned an operator’s license.  She had to figure out how to draw the letters and numbers of the schedule, so they would fit onto and be legible against a five-story brick surface.   She first rolled a base color onto the wall, then laid out a grid of squares as a reference.  She created stencils to use to trace the letters’ outlines onto the surface and then began the long task of painting the piece.

Enjoy the two videos about her process, one from WISH-TV Channel 8, Indianapolis, the other from the Indianapolis Star:

Wish TV8

Indi-Star (requires Flash Player)

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