In July, 2012, Vincennes, Indiana, artists Andrew Jendrzejewski and Amy DeLap purchased the Cyrus Allen Building at 521 Main Street. The two artists think of ArtSpaceVincennes as a working venue for contemporary and experimental art. The two artists’ use of this historic building as a studio and gallery of contemporary art is deliberate. One can see this as a means of expressing an awareness of the continuum between past and present aspects of American culture.  Pioneering artists, while they look to the future, are deeply aware of their roots. This spirit embraces freedom and the responsibility it brings.  All American monuments, architecture, art and all our creative efforts are in varying degrees reflections of this freedom, its traditions and the struggles inherent in the context of this “experiment” we call democracy. Because art in America has long been regarded as pioneering, this idea of ArtSpaceVincennes seems fitting for this historic community.


1.  To create studio space for themselves

2.  To exhibit selected artists’ work, including their own and those they represent, in the ArtSpaceVincennes galleries.

3.  To function as a sales venue for high quality contemporary art

4.  To evaluate and accept commissions on an individual basis

5. To offer a place where the community can experience quality contemporary art

6.  To provide consulting services, light restoration, museum grade matting, basic framing and other custom fine art services




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