Hi-tech, Lo-tech and First Friday



Our dear two year year old grandchild, Rosalind, (pictured above at 1-1/2) recently had her picture taken by a photographer.   A while later the photographs were delivered to the house.  Everyone was excited about what they would look like and rushed to open them up.  “Oh! How darling!”  “Look at this one!” Rosalind, who was involved with something else, became interested and joined her parents to see what the deal was.  She saw herself and quickly approached her picture and tried to “swipe” it as she is used to doing on her mother’s iPad. The picture wouldn’t change. She tried the other way. Nothing happened.  It was like the picture on her Dad’s old digital camera.

So many of us are not so far along in technology.  You have a an opportunity to see more low tech, as well as some “higher”-tech art at the Vincennes First Friday Art Walk, today 5 – 8 pm, featuring Alex Winkler a musician who will play in the street for tips, new exhibitions at The Open Gallery, the Art Guild and Bartholomew’s Wedding Photography.  Here at Art Space, Jaye Schlesinger’s show Defying  Ordinary combines high art with low art with photorealist paintings, but we have changed the consignment gallery.  All work at all galleries is for sale.  Support these low tech folks who still push around paint, hammer steel, play with clay and even still use chemicals in their photography.  It won’t hurt and it might help!



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  1. Rebecca - 2014/10/03 12:26 pm

    Adorable photo! And great story in the Sun-Commercial. Can’t thank you enough for all you are doing to get this ‘scene’ happening in Vincennes. Looks like, with a “mysterious benefactor,” we may be getting some more help. The momentum seems to be swinging our way, thanks to you and Amy!

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