Glass, Ceramic and Other Media

Glass, Ceramic, and other media

It has been a long time since I have heard about the Danes and the old glass factory here in Vincennes.  Today, those works south of town are all but forgotten.  The only residue of them might look more like bunkers at the WWII museum, or at least were replaced by them. When I got here in the mid seventies, one could still find huge hunks of glass blocks used by the factory.  Many people decorated their lawns with them. I remember using a few pieces of fire brick from the old factory that was demolished by a tragic fire that destroyed it

Art Space Vincennes returns glass worked by hand to old Vincennes, now in the form of sculpture created by Seth  Fairweather.  Fairweather works with glass that is blown, stretched, manipulated with pincers and knives while somewhere short of  liquid.  He combines the glass with ceramics and other materials, wedding the various media sensitively into more complex sculptural forms.  Then, like a Bach fugue he varies the idea over and over with what seem like countless iterations of that form into many different sculptural statements, each with their own import, sensibility and message.

He calls them the Ascetic Series.  The concept has evolved throughout the planning of this show, called Horizons, Nechs. The words horizons and nechs describe two previous series.   These terms remain rather enigmatic to the viewer.  They evolved conceptually into the Ascetic Series, which is what we will see in this show, which are statements about solitude and relationships.  Most of the ascetic series was created this spring for our show–over twenty sculptures!  We are excited to offer this show to our community. The artist has priced these pieces to sell in Vincennes.

It opens during the Red Skelton Festival and the Main Street Gallery Walk, during which The Open Gallery, the North Territory Art Guild and Art Space Vincennes will all have refreshments and snacks. We will be serving champagne and other goodies.  We open as early as 12:00, but refreshments begin at 5:00 and last to about 8:00 p.m. Tomorrow, June 6th at 521 Main Street, here in Vincennes.  We have parking in the back with a drive off main street. A book accompanies the show ($28.00) and we are expecting  a great crowd. Please join us and meet the artist, Seth Fairweather from Miami.



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