Get the Word Out

Why Do You Like Art Space Vincennes?

Get the Word Out

Sean Conner of the Third Coast Percussion group lets Vasia Cockerham try making some unique sounds with “found” instruments, 2015 at Art Space Vincennes.  The following year the group won a Grammy Award.  Congrats Third Coast Percussion.  John Puffer’s photography in the background. 

You might have noticed that we have been on a campaign to get the word out about Art Space Vincennes. Why?  One big reason is to bring more people to Vincennes, and it is already working!  In one day we had two visits by people from out of town who found us on Google. They saw “Art Gallery” and took the time to seek us out.  One was a couple with their son who has enrolled at VU. The other was a 10-year US Army veteran with a tour in Afghanistan, who is walking across America. He has enlightening stories to tell. I hope he writes a book.  After his visit, he gave us very high compliments on FaceBook.  I know you will see this, Michael Schmidt! Thank you!  And best of luck on your journey.

I invite you all to write comments, suggestions, feedback, and questions and send them plus pictures of your favorite artworks to “artspacevincennes” on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  If you want to get formal, write us a short review on our Google+ page, Yelp, Foursquare or Trip Advisor.

Just your visits during First Friday Art Walks are huge!  Thank you!  We look forward to seeing you on September 1.  The Barbara Stahl show will be a great giving back to the community from a hometown gal!

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