Gallery Walk and Fireworks!

ascetic 10 small

Acsetic 10, Seth Fairweather, 2014, 29″ x 10 1/2″ x 3″, glass, ceramic, steel, mixed media


Friday is July 4th, but it’s also First Friday Gallery Walk on Main Street.  You can catch the art on the way to the fireworks. What is a Gallery Walk?  On the First Friday of each month, three art galleries on Main Street remain open until 8:00 pm.  Likely the event also functions as an opening reception for the artists whose work is on display, but the event is not just for the galleries.  Art is proven to be the most successful means of getting economic action for downtown businesses, because it  crosses so many lines of interests. This is proven to be a successful way of stimulating much needed business in many towns across the country. An inventory of the resources we have in this town are so numerous, this community would be remiss to ignore this opportunity.

In other towns, First Friday events usually involve nonstandard approaches to commerce and business. Think about it.  Something fresh, different and creative is always welcome.  Often events that take place on Main Street detract from the businesses that are trying to make a living there.  We need an event that involves those businesses.  The three galleries and other very interested people who agree with us are out to make this happen. Look forward to more in the coming weeks from us as we suggest how this plan might work. While July 4th will take you to the fire works, plan to stop by the gallery on your way.  The AC will be on and we will have some cool refreshments, a little wine, and cheese between 5 and 8 pm as you take a break on the way to see the fireworks.

Participating are:

Art Space Vincennes LLC, 521 Main St.  showing Horizons, Nechs: Glass Sculpture by Seth Fairweather

Open Gallery, 329 Main St.  showing Memories, Backroads and Tangents by Julia Wright (Gallivanting Girl on Facebook)

NWTAG (Northwest Territory Art Guild), 316 Main St.  showing the work of  Jeanette Carson, John DeCoursey, Bill Meyer, Janet Vayhinger

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