First Friday Experiments

A graphic representation of a Google result for "First Friday logo"

A graphic representation of logos for first friday events resulting from a Google search “First Fridays logo”

Experiment 1
Over a year ago, before Art Space Vincennes LLC was born, the Open Gallery and the Northwest Territory Art Guild created First Friday Gallery Walks on Main Street. These events were successful attempts to bring people to two gallery shows at once. This often drew crowds of 30, 40 visitors in each gallery with some overlap.  Accompanying these shows were the Old Thyme Diner next to the Open Gallery and the much missed ice cream shop, Zanders, which is no longer in business. Little else was happening on Main Street to keep people there during the event and afterwards.  Businesses, such as restaurants and boutiques, are often great matches for art walk evening events. Live music is also a welcome treat, creating an ambience for people to see the art, shop, meet friends, and have a dinner, dessert or coffee.This has continued for almost a year since Art Space Vincennes’ first show last October, which drew 110 people who signed the guest book and more who did not. Amy DeLap and Andy Jendrzejewski, ASV owners, are retired from teaching.  There are many retirees at the NWTAG as well. This enables us to put more energy into First Friday events.
Experiment 2
Invitations have been sent out to invite businesses to participate on First Fridays, promising that they will be advertised with all First Friday Art Walk events.  This assumes a commitment to participate in at least three events during the months of August thru December. We are in the process of receiving these commitments now. Indications at the Vincennes Central Business District meetings have been positive from most members.What does participation mean? We offer four ways to participate: 1. by staying open, 2. by being closed, but high-lighting art in their window, 3. by being open and offering some sort of space to display art to draw people into their business (any kind of business can do this), 4. by offering discounts to people showing evidence that they visited the galleries.
Experiment 3
An advertising package is being developed to promote the events like never before.  Numerous cities and towns, represented by logos in the Google image above, are profiting from such First Friday events. We are developing a logo, like the towns represented above, to brand the event, so that its promotions are instantly recognizable.The goal of the three galleries is to win business for all the participants, as much as for our businesses. We are working toward synergy, in which 2+2 can equal way more than 4! The possibility of accomplishing this now depends on the consistent participation of at least some businesses that are willing to engage with the process of developing these possibilities over the coming year.

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