First Friday Art Walk and Side Walk Sales

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This coming weekend

First Friday Art Walk on Main coincides with this year’s Side Walk Sales on Main Street which start Thursday 7/31and end Saturday 8/2. To celebrate, Art Space Vincennes (ASV) has asked businesses to display art in their windows throughout the weekend.  ASV plans to participate in Side Walk Sales Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The Side Walk Sales will go on from 9-5 for most businesses those three days and the First Friday Art Walk on Main will continue from 5-8 on Friday evening.

So far, many businesses have agreed to display art.  Many business owners hope their colleagues on Main Street will join the effort for September’s First Friday. As of this writing the following businesses are participating:

Art Space Vincennes LLC, 

Bauer Jewelers & Gemologists 

Jewel Craft Jewelers 

Knox County Humane Society 


Northwest Territory Art Guild

Open Gallery

Vincennes Beauty College

There might be others who have planned or will decide to participate. Some business owners were on vacation, and we could not contact all possible businesses to confirm their participation. Enthusiasm among the businesses for the idea is great, so we are launching it early for August’s First Friday to initiate the process before the September 5th First Friday.  Both small towns and large cities have First Friday Art Events, which have turned businesses and whole communities around because of the energy and economic charge they bring.

First Friday August 1:

What is ASV showing this First Friday? Besides the art on the sidewalk, we are continuing the show Horizons, Nechs, Glass Sculpture by Seth Fairweather in the ASV galleries. This show ends August 6, instead of the 17th as scheduled, so this weekend and the following Tuesday will be last opportunities to view the exhibition.  Seth’s works have received much admiration from ASV visitors, who have noted that his prices are remarkably affordable for such beautiful work (almost all pieces are between $400 – $800). There will be 15% off those prices for all works in the sculpture show and 10% off on the work shown in the consignment gallery during the side walk sale event. Those purchasing one of Seth’s sculptures also receive a 40 page book about his work. These discounts offer true bargains for lasting pleasure!

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    First Friday Art Walk on Main and Side Walk Sales, Vincennes

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