Detritus Series by Amy DeLap

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Detritus Series: Everglades

Amy DeLap has worked on a series of collages for many years called the Detritus Series. The word “Detritus” means discarded matter, trash. For December’s First Friday Gallery Walk, she will show a new group of collages from this series, not previously exhibited. Works comprised of discarded matter might sound unpalatable to some, but the results of Amy’s discriminating and disciplined eye and careful craftsmanship are exquisite, clean and beautiful. They are fresh, bright and playful and have visual intelligence, evoking multiple levels of perception and meaning.


They are small works, around 10 in X 10 in squares, a neutral format, that implies neither landscape (horizontal) nor figure (vertical). The square simply defines a space, which is organized into a structure of vertical lines. But these are far from rigid; each unit is filled with bold and fine intuitively formed and arranged marks, shapes, textures and colors, which animate and energize the surface like protozoa or electrons. There is movement side-to-side, up-and-down, and in-and-out of the space. The rigors of the format barely contain the playfulness of the action, setting up a dramatic tension between order and playful chaos.


She will present the work informally unframed, but matted with archival museum grade materials and inserted in archival envelopes for ease of handling. These elegant works would make beautiful holiday gifts and are sure to please any recipient.

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