Destroy in Order to Create

The New Moon, Art Space Vincennes,  and Hart Bell
at Sixth and Main across from the Demolition

A New Welcome to Downtown

Here is a practical illustration of the principle used by the artist, Cat Vitebsky, who we have been featuring so far this fall:  the principle of destroying to create.

Robinson and Son’s Construction has demolished the building on the corner of Sixth and Main Street, which the late Mike Doan used for his sign company, Creative De-signs.   The building has long been past its useful life and had become an eyesore at the entrance to the downtown district. INVin obtained the property for the purpose of creating a parking lot at 6th and Main for businesses in that area.  A lovely surprise appeared when the last wall came down, uncovering the painted Schultheis and Son’s sign on the side of the next building. A piece of history revealed through progress!
The parking lot will be more than just a desolate hole in the frontage of downtown.  Architect Andy Myszak will create a roofed walkway with benches that will frame the lot’s outer perimeter. The roof will provide some shade.  Small trees will provide natural green to create a pleasing frontage at this entrance to the downtown area. The design will derive from that of the former train depot at the Vincennes station, harking back to a lost bit of history, an on-going theme of the city.

The lot will provide needed parking on Main between 5th and 6th, welcome relief if a microbrewery or restaurant purchases the New Moon Theater building.  It will dramatically improve the appearance of Main Street as you turn in from Sixth Street.  Vincennes is on the move!

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