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Love Thy Nature, Design for Good Causes by Pravin Sevak opens March 6 during the First Friday Art Walk and closes March 28.

After working for one of the most prestigious Graphic Designers in India and several other design agencies, Pravin Sevak was invited by his alma mater, the National Institute of Design, a rigorous and world class design school,  to become Senior Designer and Foundations Coordinator.  Sevak took the step from designing in the business sector to the profession of teaching, which freed him to design with a goal of helping humanity keep from harming itself and its environment.  He has been in the US for 17 years and has taught at Ohio, Truman State, Northern Kentucky, Western Michigan and Vincennes Universities.

Sevak now specializes in poster design, but is open to other projects. His work is characterized by its powerful, yet understated, simplicity.  His messages are deceptively complex.  Not only does he use a minimum of word, recognizable objects and symbols, he uses visual elements, especially space and shape, to create design which powerfully delivers his message.

His design presents moral and ethical choices while reducing all possible delusion and ambiguity down to a simple yes or no, this or that choice, emulating a prosecuting lawyer in a court of law. He cuts past the skin, fat and meat of an issue straight down to the bare bone. He does so, though, through pleasurable, subtle, and humorous twists.  His works are strong, because they are understated, that is, peacefully communicated. Sevak avoids the caustic “yelling” of commercial and political ads that force-feed us with ideological manipulation. Sevak’s works are whispers of consciousness that present decisions for us to contemplate.


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