Coming in September – Zoomorphs

Daedalus-feather Burnout II-Det

Experiments in Bronze by UK Sculptor Cat Vitebsky

ASV is pleased to bring to Vincennes the cast bronze sculpture of Cambridge, England artist Cat Vitebsky this fall.  Her exhibition will open during the September 2 First Friday Art Walk and continue through October 15.

The word “Zoomorph” in the title of her show suggests the direction of her work.  Zoomorphism is a derivative of the Greek word zoon (animal) and morph (form or shape). It refers to animal attributes being imposed upon non-animal objects, humans, and events and animal features being ascribed to humans, gods and other objects.

Vitebsky’s works are imaginative explorations of new meanings that can be discovered and revealed through the hybrid creatures she creates in wax and casts into bronze.

This is how Vitebsky describes herself as an artist on her website:

“I am a figurative sculptor working predominantly in bronze, creating large and small-scale works exploring themes of mythology and of the human condition while also unashamedly celebrating the dynamism and beauty of the human form. “Whilst at art school in London, I became fascinated with the Auto-Destructive art movement of the 1960’s and such pioneers as Gustav Metzger and Jean Tinguely.

“My practice draws upon distinct parallels between these ‘Happenings’ and the bronze casting method I predominantly use. Bronze has uniquely transformative properties, what’s more, the casting process is perpetually Creative/Destructive.”

There is, however, a richer foundation to Vitebsky’s work than is apparent here. Her father is a renowned anthropologist who took her on some of his research trips…watch for more in future newsletters and in the exhibition in September.


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