Change in the Air – Friday Sep 1

September First Friday Art Walk


Barbara Stahl and ASV Andrew Jendrzejewki unloaded a rented truck full of her paintings for her Exhibition Coming Home that begins September 1. 

Your three downtown art galleries and Vincennes University’s Shircliff Gallery will all be opening brand new shows, Friday, September 1 from 5 –8 p.m.  Here’s what’s happening:

Art Space Vincennes, LLC 521 Main will introduce Coming Home: Paintings by Barbara Stahl.   Stahl has developed a highly successful art career in Indianapolis; she is well-known there for her annual mural painting of the Pacers’ game schedule on the wall of Bankers Life Fieldhouse.  Her Vincennes exhibition will showcase her landscape-based oil paintings.

She writes:
“As a visual artist, I am deeply fascinated by the intimate conversation that takes place between consciousness and creativity. Having explored this fundamental dialogue through my efforts as a painter, insights from the new physics of cosmology continue to inform my work.  With these paintings, I explore the boundaries between the abstract and non-objective, suggesting, yet not fully describing the imagery. In many places, the work is ambiguous and leaves room for individual interpretation and observer interaction. It is this act of observing, of seeing something in the artwork, something you can’t un-see, that I find analogous to the wave function collapse that occurs in the famous double slit experiment when particles of light are observed. The double slit experiment is one that very elegantly demonstrates how observation affects quantum systems. It is the basis and inspiration for the first principle of Biocentrism.”

Coming Home: Painting by Barb Stahl will be a changing exhibition over the course of its run time, September 1 – December 2.

Also works from ASV’s Amy DeLap’s Inauguration Series will continue in Gallery 1 through September 29. Regular gallery hours: T – F 12 – 5 pm; Sat 11 am- 2 pm. 

Northwest Territory Art Guild, 316 Main will present the Guild’s Annual Members Exhibition, juried for prizes this year by Alexis Ruysch, a university photography instructor who also does drawing and painting.   The members’ show is another great opportunity to see art in a wide variety of media done by local artists.  Guild members will be on hand to discuss their works.

The Art Guild’s Annual Members Exhibition runs through September. Regular gallery hours: Tue – Fri 11 am – 4:30 pm, Saturday 11 am – 2 pm.

Open Gallery 329 Main will introduce A New World Order, colorful and expressive multi-media pieces by Evansville artist Billy Hedel. Hedel’s work emphasizes our technical and mechanistic obsession with controlling our environments to the detriment, even exploitation of the planet. Hedel, a Chicago native who has also lived in New Orleans, was an early member of the Haynie’s Corner artist community in Evansville. The Open Gallery musicians will play their usual lively selections of jigs and reels throughout the evening. The gallery is open most regularly on Saturday afternoons, though one may find the doors open at other times as well.

New World Order: Works by Billy Hedel opens September 1, 5-8 pm andruns through September.

Shircliff Gallery, First and Harrison Streets, will start the year with a Retrospective Exhibition of works by Pravin C. Sevak, VU Professor of Graphic Design.  Coinciding with Sevak’s 10-year anniversary as VU faculty, the show will cover almost 4 decades of his early commercial work, photography, painting, multimedia, graphic design and corporate identity.  His life-long goal has been to understand, explore and share cross-cultural design needs.

The Sevak Retrospective runs through September 22.  Regular gallery hours are M – Th 8 am – 8 pm, F 8 am – 6 pm, Sat 12 pm – 4 pm. 

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