Book – Charged Images: Luisa Cohrs

As many know, Art Space Vincennes has been publishing a book for nearly every artist they have shown. Charged Images: Luisa Cohrs is our newest exhibition publication for the present show. It is at the printer and due here August 18 if not sooner. An exam copy is now at the gallery. It was seriously edited, but gives you an idea of what this book is like. The final copy can be reviewed here:

Charged Images Luisa Cohrs by Andrew Jendrzejewski | Make YourThese books are partly to offer an opportunity for the viewing public to learn, to develop promotional tools for both the artists and for Art Space. For the same reason, most artists come to Vincennes for the opening receptions to be available to answer questions or to provide opportunities for viewers to meet the persona behind the work shown. Support them and the gallery as you can.

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