Blue Wabash-Work Begins

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Preparations for painting Blue Wabash at Clark’s Crossing complete.

Scaffolding in Clark’s Crossing’s “all purpose commons” room awaits the beginning of work on a second mural painting by Andrew Jendrzejewski, Co-owner of Art Space Vincennes.  The room was formerly the auditorium/gym of Lincoln High School.

During the restoration and conversion of the building from classroom space to residential apartments the back wall of the stage was pushed forward. The new wall is placed near the front edge of the stage. The mural will be painted onto this new wall, which measures about seventeen by thirty-one feet.

Jendrzejewski is preparing to start work on the mural with the help of at least one resident, interested Vincennes University students and faculty and volunteers from the Northwest Territory Art Guild. Jendrzejewski will break the project down to doable tasks for persons not experienced with art. The volunteers will do much of the first couple stages of the painting. Jendrzejewski will further develop the painting with detail.

The subject of the work will be the Wabash River, once blue according to early settlers, though now we see it as a muddy tan. Jendrzejewski photographed the river from a shady bank as flooding began early last summer. The river surface reflected the blue sky in the shady foreground, but revealed the brackish water in the background’s sunlit flow. The photograph became the inspiration for this subtle statement about our cherished water way. Most people will perceive the painting as a pleasant and somewhat intimate scene of the Wabash. The title suggests also a reminder of the former purity of our land, in contrast to the state in which it is now.



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