A Evening With Frida

Showing at Art Space Vincennes, 521 Main Street, Saturday, August 15, 7:00 pm

Shar Mahony approached Andy Jendrzejewski at Art Space Vincennes about the possibility of presenting a one-person play that she was developing about Frida Kahlo, the renowned Mexican painter, ahead of her time in feminism and her interest in Mexican and indigenous culture. At Art Space Vincennes we seek out special opportunities to support artistic growth and are happy to provide a venue for this particular effort.

Shar and her husband Jack go by the name the Palette Players reflecting Shar’s interest also in the visual arts. The play is a departure from the giddy humor of the collaborative performances that their followers love and expect. With this play, Shar attempts to create a serious work. She has done considerable research on Frida Kahlo’s life and art, including a trip to the Detroit Institute of Art to see the exhibit Rivera-Kahlo. Diego Rivera, Frida’s husband, was Mexico’s greatest muralist, whose powerful works sided with the poor, working peasants.   His “social realism” was akin to Frida’s cultural interests. Frida, however had other issues, having been partially paralyzed at a young age from an accident, a tragedy with which she struggled for the rest of her life through her art making.

Shar Mahoney, then, will present portrayals of the vibrant voices of passionate artists whose lives were as controversial and bold as the colors of their works. We invite you to see and hear about Frida’s life through the outside eyes of her neighbor Rosita and from Frida herself.


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